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Medical Fantasy Story

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Medical Fantasy Story

Post by dstudly4u on Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:31 pm

I took the day off, I really needed to unwind. I decided to use the day off to indulge in my fetish. No use in taking a day off and not enjoying it. I picked up my phone and called the clinic, I chatted briefly with the receptionist and made an appointment with a doctor for ten am.

When I entered the clinic, a nurse in a slutty nurse's uniform with thigh high black fishnet stockings took me through to one of the rooms. That slutty uniform might give others with the same fetish a rise but it wasn't my style. I like the real deal. The green surgical pants and the androgynous v-necked top. But it was the surgical mask which hid some of the face and the sound of latex rubber gloves being snapped on that drove me wild. The nurse who had shown me into the doctor's rooms had given me one of those hospital gowns that tie at the back.

I love to hate those gowns. I carefully removed my clothes and folded them and put them on a chair. I put on the gown and immediately felt more naked with it on than when I had been naked. There's something about those gowns, they make you feel vulnerable and you know very well - since you're the one wearing it - that you are not in charge here. As I said it's a love-hate relationship.

As you may have noted I have an unusual fetish about doctors and hospitals in general, all things medical. They turn me on. Just the way doctors control everything and seem to have infinite power over you, enraptures me. I come here once or twice a month for relaxation and a good fuck. I had begun to tap my fingers against the table when she walked in.

"I am sorry to keep you waiting Miguel." She looked up from the file she was holding and smiled beautifully. Wonderful, we were playing our respective roles already. She was a vision and she could do just what she wanted with me. She was wearing surgical scrubs and a bonnet. Her mask had been pulled down to her chin. She was the sexiest little thing I had ever seen in the sexiest clothes and my cock was rising to the occasion.

"I'm Dr. Alex." She said smiling, stretching out her hand to me in greeting. She had warm hands, with thin delicate fingers.

"Miguel." I heard myself reply without thinking about it.

"Hop on the table, let's take a look at you." She said casually.‪

I backed up to the table, felt it against my leg and slid backwards onto it. The doctor patted the pillow at the top of the table reassuringly and I swung my legs up and put my head where she wanted it.

She took out a pair of latex gloves and snapped them on to her hands. Now I was thoroughly terrified and my damned cock was starting to leak it was so excited. I sneaked a glance at Doctor Alex and she still had that mischievous smile on her pretty face.

A pink stethoscope appeared like magic and she listened to my heart. It betrayed me by beating excitedly for her. She made my humiliation worse when she winked at me when she was done. She produced a pink penlight and a tongue depressor and made me say 'Aah'. She palpitated my stomach and then with no prior warning she pulled the gown up to my stomach, exposing my erection.

"What are you into Miguel? Besides the medical fetish. Do you like being submissive to your doctor?"

"Yes Doctor."

"Good. Do you like pain?"

"I love pain Doctor, especially on my genitals."

"Okay, what else?"

"I embarrassed to say it but I like to be humiliated."

"Nothing to be embarrassed about. What about fluids and solids?"

"No solids Doctor, a little blood perhaps, but not a lot and then urine of course."

"I understand. No enema?"

"Yes please Dr. Alex."

She pushed a button on the wall and while we waited she let her hands wander around my cock and balls. I moaned with satisfaction, this was going to be bliss. There was a soft knock and two nurses also dressed in surgical scrubs came into the room. They had four enema bags between and I knew I was in for a helluva time.

Dr Alex pushed my legs up and spread them roughly. A nurse handed her a plastic tube which she shoved roughly into my ass, hurting a little.

"Ahh..." I moaned. I felt the warm liquid of the enema flowing into me. It was fantastic, a faint twinge of pain followed it into my bowel. When the first bag was finished Dr Alex shoved the second one in, the jolt of pain made me jerk and my colon felt hot and heavy, the twinges became little throbs of pain and my cocked leaked again. The doctor saw this and shouted at me, then she slapped my cock with a latex glove. I closed my eyes to focus on the pain so that I would stop leaking and yet simultaneously, I wanted to leak and twitch and jerk so that she'd slap my cock silly. By the time the third enema went in I was most uncomfortable, but I knew that evacuation was close and that made my cock twitch and it got slapped again for that. The fourth enema bag was emptying into me, I felt close to bursting and I was twitching and squirming and in ecstasy and hell at the same time, I was perspiring from the pain and leaking from the arousal and that goddess was going to make me cum.

"Doctor, please I need to go." I begged, squeezing my asshole closed as tight as I could. She ignored me.

"Please!" I shouted desperately. I moaned, clenching my jaw as if that would keep my asshole shut. My back side lifted off the table and my asshole puckered and I screamed again. This time she replied and told me to go. I just about fell off the table and almost stuck my finger up my ass to make it to the bathroom. I sat there for a glorious twenty minutes while the enemas drained out of me. The hot fluid against my ass, flowing and flowing, seeming never to stop. I sat there with the stupidest smile of complete contentment on my face.

My cleaned butt and my still hard cock entered her rooms again. The nurses were gone. I laid back down on the examination table and I submitted to her complete control again. She lifted my gown and my cock rose like a cannon brought to bear. Dr Alex started pulling my fore-skin back and I squirmed.

"Mmm... Is that sensitive Miguel?"

"Yes... Yes Doctor." I managed to sputter out.

She pulled my fore-skin back completely and purposely hurt it.

"Ouch." I squealed, trying my best not to enjoy it.

"I'll have to take a better look at that Miguel, but not now." Dr. Alex touched my exposed glans with her soft, gloved hand.

"Today we're going to concentrate on this purplish chubby glans of yours." Oh yes, please let's do that I thought.

As Dr. Alex examined my cock, I could feel it growing even bigger into her gloved hands and I blushed.

"Yes baby... That's right, let your cock grow for your doctor, go on... that's it baby..." The sensation of her latex gloves was driving me insane. My doctor saw I was excited and panting. She cruelly left my cock and came to my side. She put one hand on my chest and with the other she started rubbing my face and lips.

"Is something wrong honey? Your doctor's here to take good care of you." "Yeah... yes... doctor... I'm a bit... nervous... doctor." I started to lick her gloved fingers.

"Ahhh... you like Dr. Alex's fingers?" She smiled at me and started touching my nipples with her other hand.

I moaned with delight and licked faster.

"Good boy... carry on... kiss your doctor's hand... lick Dr. Alex's hand... that's it..." Then my doctor took her hand away from my mouth. I raised my head to get to it with my mouth open like a puppy asking for food. My doctor looked at me with a smile.

"Want some more baby?"

"Yes please doctor." I sighed happily.

She put her soft gloved hand in my face again. I licked her hand and sucked her fingers, my cock was throbbing when Dr. Alex took her hand away again.

"Looks so wet and well lubricated now... What can Dr. Alex do with a gloved and well lubricated hand Miguel?" She was waving her hand in the air and my eyes widened in excitement and fear. Dr Alex kissed me lightly on my lips and then whispered seductively in my ear.

"It's time to go deep, deep inside my patient." My stomach flipped and I watched her walk slowly back to between my legs.

I was frightened to death and more aroused than ever. My cock was throbbing in the air.

She grabbed my dick firmly and I could feel it beating in her hand. I cursed myself to focus on something else so that I would have some semblance of control over my lust. I heard her speaking in that low seductive voice.

"It feels so hard and hot."

"Uh huh." I whimpered and she teased my pee hole.

"Doctor..." I pleaded, my body was shaking and I was about to cum. She released my cock and slapped it twice and I winced and sighed at the same time.

"No you little fuck! Not yet!" She slapped my dick again and I came. I spurted wildly and copiously and quite a bit landed on her green shirt. Ah, fuck, I was going to pay for that. My cock twitched in excitement. She raised my hands over my head and locked them into two leather cuffs at the top of the table. Now I was bound to her mercy completely.

She withdrew a cat o' nine tails from the ledge under the table.

"Legs up in the air and keep them together and straight." She was harsh now, delivering punishment. I lifted my legs together and waited for the blows to fall. Instead she came back to my head and whispered in my ear again.

"Keep your legs straight baby, keep them together. Or Doctor Alex will beat you until the blood runs." Her low voice delivering the threat so completely it was almost deadly. My heart was racing, my cock was filling with blood again and the suspense was tangible. She swung the cat and the blow landed and I flinched, bending my knees slightly. I immediately straightened my legs again and clenched my jaw. The second blow was more painful and I made a small squealing sound. She had the gift of being able to aim her blows directly on top of each other. Heightening the pain to a level that took my mind far away into a warm place. Nothing else existed for me but the stinging pain and the feeling of perfect possession by her.

All too soon I felt the powdery latex gloves rubbing my welts gently. I groaned in ecstasy, no. I didn't want to come back from my warm place yet. Once again she was at my ear, turning me on beyond my control.

"Put your legs down, you little shit. I'm going to beat that cock for you until you cry."

I drew a sharp breath in between my teeth, hissing.

"Please... Please Dr. Alex... Have mercy." I pleaded, hoping there was no mercy and trying to control the eruption from my balls.

"Do you really want mercy?" She half-sang in a soft mocking tone.

"Do you want me to lie?" I was still speaking through clenched teeth. She grabbed my cock and jerked it hard and fast and I screamed.

"Mercy!" Then I erupted all over her and myself for a second time. Shuddering and shaking my climax ended finally and I was high as a kite.

My doctor stood in front of me and took off her green top. She had perfect, round, full breasts with light brown nipples. Erect nipples I noted. I desperately wanted to kiss those nipples. She allowed me stare at her breasts as she pretended to clean my cum off her belly with the shirt. Then she turned and got another green scrub shit and deliberately standing in front of me again she pulled it down over her head and her beautiful breasts were again hidden from my sight.

She uncuffed my hands and ordered me to take off my gown. I followed her command and she gave me another gown which she tied behind my back. She ordered me to lay down again and I did. She told me to lift my arms to cuff them again. I put my arms above my head and she dragged her gloved fingers all the way down the inside of my arms until she reached my hands. I shuddered in delight. She cuffed my hands again and I relished in her possession of me. She took a huge syringe from the table beside me, it was half-filled with a bluish liquid. She spurted the liquid into my pee hole. At once I was overcome with conflicting sensations. Burning, hot pain and ice cold pain. Fear and exhilaration combined to thrill and arouse me. She was teasing my lubricated cock and it felt as if my cock wanted to break free from the prison that was her hand. She pushed a thin finger into my people and I screamed in ecstacy but no sound came from my mouth.

"Make me yours." I managed hoarsely.

"Please make me yours." She's fucking me with her finger in my pee hole. She leaned in close to my ear.

"You are mine." She whispered and it was so.

"Who is your mistress my little pet?"

"You doctor."

"Who owns you my pet?"

"You, you, you...!" I was shouting now, very aroused.

"Very good my patient."

Dr Alex went to the table beside me and took off her gloves. She took a fresh pair from the table and put them on right in front of my eyes, making them snap loudly as she pulled them on. Snap! Snap!

She pressed the button on the wall and I knew the grand finale was drawing near. I was so upset I almost cried. The two nurses entered the room. She pointed to my penis and spoke to them.

"Look what we have here." She said wetting a gloved finger with my pre cum. She came to my head and grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head back.

"Open wide." She commanded and I opened my mouth, she put her finger in my mouth.

"Suck you little slut." I suck feverishly. She bent down, allowing me to look down her shirt, and whispered in that seductive low whisper.

"Does my filthy pet want to cum?"

"Oh yes doctor."

"Ask for it. Politely." She is harsh ahain and pulls my hair.

"Please mistress doctor, may I cum?" I stumble over my words in my eagerness.

She went back to the bottom end of the table and the nurses pulled the stirrups up from the side of the table. My legs were strapped into the leather cuffs on the stirrups. I saw them lubricating their hands and I took a deep breath in anticipation. My heart was racing again feeding blood to my already hard cock. The aching in my balls was pulling them up back into me.

One nurse inserted a finger into my ass, eliciting a small squeal of pleasure from me. She began fucking me with her finger. It was bliss. Then she removed it and inserted two fingers, doubling my pleasure.

My doctor took my cock into her hands and stroked it.

"You're a dirty pet aren't you?" She asked.

"Yesss..." I was hissing through a clenched jaw again. Ah mother of mercies, one nurse was fucking my ass hole, the other was rubbing my balls with one hand while she pinched the top of my ball sack with the other so that my balls couldn't retract and the doctor was vigorously jerking my cock. Every muscle tensed and bulged and I fought against my climax with everything I had.

"Please doctor, may I cum? May I cum?" I begged in spurts, my words coming fast and running into each other, I couldn't breathe.

"Beg for it my filthy little brat."

"I'm begging!" I screamed as I felt everything begin to erupt violently. I saw my cum spurt from me high into the air, and again, and again.

"I love you." I was saying things without thinking, I blushed, ashamed of my confession. She wasn't fazed however and came to my ear again.

"Do you want some more from us?"

"Oh please." I begged. "Please."

She took off her scrub shirt and pants and the nurses followed her lead. They were completely naked except for their latex gloves.

They looked like goddesses, their skin looked so soft and supple, their curves along their bodies were perfect. Dr Alex came to the table and pressed a button under it. The table started lowering, it kept going lower until I was virtually on the floor in front of them. Still cuffed to it by my hands and legs. They stood around my head with their legs spread, I stared at their shaved pussies, speechless. My doctor squatted on my face and ordered me to lick her pussy, which I did enthusiastically. I could feel her pussy getting wet and warm and I licked faster. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I heard her moan and then felt her juice flowing into my mouth as she shuddered and her legs shook. She rubbed her pussy in my face until her climax subsided and then swung her leg over and got up.

"Dirty." Said one nurse.

"Filthy." Said the other.

"Cum whore." The first nurse started peeing in my face and as the glorious golden liquid splattered on my cheeks and lips, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and tried to catch every drop.


"Man whore." The words kept coming and I felt a second stream of pee and turned to catch the taste of this one.


"Piece of shit." My doctor had recovered and joined the nurses, I caught her pee in my mouth as well, it was the sweetest of all. I kept swallowing and trying to lick the pee that missed my mouth. All too soon it was over. My doctor rubbed the liquid on my face into my hair and down my neck and then shoved her gloved hand in my mouth for one last taste. I was in such a state of bliss, I barely felt them uncuff my hands and legs. I was lying there in complete relaxation when a felt a hand tap my face.

"See you around Miguel." She said and they left. I lay there in my little bubble and then reluctantly I got up and headed for the shower. Everybody should have a happy ending clinic, I thought.



Best Medical Fantasy Story

Post by bugfugger on Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:57 pm

That is one of the best medical fantasy story that I had ever read.
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Medical Stories

Post by dstudly4u on Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:05 pm

I am clad that you like my medical story. I will be posting more stories.

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Re: Medical Fantasy Story

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