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How to Role Play With Your Lover



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Lover Girl

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How to Role Play With Your Lover

Post by Lover Girl on Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:33 am

I think that role playing with your partner can put a spark back into your relationship, and provide ways for you to fall for each other all over again. Try to get creative and don't be afraid to voice even your wildest fantasies - your partner will be very happy to make them come to life!

1. Plan your erotic role play over several days or weeks. Great sensual and erotic role play requires some forethought. Having a few minutes of dirty talk just before you start having sex isn’t the same as setting out a sensual role play scene. Erotic role play can take you deeper into another character and release you from the restrictions you put on yourself in your daily life. It means more preparation, and more risks, but the difference is palpable, and worth it!

If either of you are planning this game as a surprise, book the entire day off work or play out the role on your day off. Check that your partner will at least have the evening off.
If you're planning the 'game' together, start the preparation a week before. Send each other naughty text messages. Look on-line for naughty or sexy hint pictures and e-mail each other. Start your very own on-line relationship. It's a fun way to share your desire for one another. When you're at home, you're probably too busy looking after the kids and doing household chores to take time to seduce each other so texting, e-mail and social network sites can be a fun way to spend time seducing each other.
If you're planning the event together and plan to go out of town or stay out for the night, arrange for the kids to spend the afternoon and night at granny or a friend, get someone to look after the pets, etc. Your erotic role-play evening is going to be hot and you're going to want to stay out all night. Your ordinary life will still be there when you get back the next day but the memory of your steamy night out will last forever.
For the partner that's planning to do most of the seduction, plan your seduction routine. Dating is a chase, plan it as such.

2. Initiate the idea. Someone has to start or initiate the 'game'. Talk about it to each other and then help each other along. Start by talking about the idea and then begin sending your lover, husband or wife messages, clues and suggestions over a week or 2 and build up towards a sexy night out.

Starting is the hardest part but once the game gets going, you'll find that it develops a life of it's own.
If you're playing the 'John meets sexy stranger' game, and you've both agreed to meet at a particular restaurant, then the scenario could be started weeks in advance as a 'secret on-line' affair where you finally meet for the first time.
One partner begins by sending her a message as a secret admirer, male escort, call-girl, sexy co-worker or sexy stranger. The other partner responds and the game begins.
He could also create and advert for himself as a male escort offering his special services. He sends her an e-mail, she responds. If the response is positive (hopefully with some tongue in cheek) then the lines of erotic conversation are officially open.
If you're the lady who wants to seduce her partner or husband with the John/Call-girl game then create a sexy ad for yourself. Create an ad using a sexy pic of yourself or find one on-line. A picture of a pair of legs in sexy stockings with a catch phrase and a phone number. "Divine Honeymoon wants to wrap her sexy legs around you. Text 555-35-22-56" The ad needn't be sleazy and needn't involve nudity or pictures of yourself. There are thousands of images on-line that can be copied into your very own high-class call-girl ad. Go as far as you're comfortable with.
Use a new e-mail address or create a new Facebook profile using your new call-girl, male escort, stripper or sexy stranger name.

3. Overcome your shyness. Most people start out a bit shy and nervous with the idea of dressing up as someone else and playing a role. Much of this reticence comes from a lack of preparation. The best way to get comfortable with sexual role playing is to be prepared.

4. Build up the anticipation. Don't talk about it to each other while doing the dishes, use e-mail and text messages. It's a fun and loving distraction to your day at work. Imagine receiving a sexy text message while you're sitting in a boring meeting or coming back from your lunch break to find a naughty e-mail from your lover.

5. Pick a sensual role that feels right. Here are some possibilities:

Jane hires male escort James.
John hires call-girl Jenna.
Gina heads down-town to meet a man.
Tom finds Taryn on Facebook.
Dita the Dominatrix puts out an ad for a slave.
Nikki sends a naughty text message to John the stranger.
Angel the private dancer receives a text message.
Donna dresses to tease, Daniel pays attention.
Sara meets Stefan on a blind date.
Tina sings a sexy/romantic duet with Steve the Stranger at the Karaoke Bar.
Chris the photographer meets Gina the model.
Christine the photographer meets Paul the model.

6. Consider the psychology of your role. Analyze your character. What’s your motivation? What turns your character on, what turns your partner on, what pushes your partner's buttons or drives him or her wild? Are you dominant? Submissive?

Details can take you deeper into a sensual role play scenario. When you first imagine a sexual scene the main points may be enough to get you started, but the more detail you can add to the game the more alive it becomes. Details can also be great for awkward moments when you don’t know what to do next.
Erotic role play is a perfect opportunity to dress up and have fun. Once you’ve decided on your role or character, think about ways to add to your character and role through clothing and props.
If you're planning the role together then chose clothing that will suit the scenario. Dress for the part and you're half-way there.

7. Establish rules of engagement. The rules of engagement could be communicated via e-mail, social networking or text messaging during the 'on-line' dating phase. What are the boundaries? Set ground rules for your erotic role game. Some of these rules should be common sense and common courtesy, like no laughing or judging each other in the moment. Other rules will take some thought and good communication.

Couples could agree to keep the arrangements formal and business-like. He may make certain requests and she may do the same. He could specify that he wants a tall red-head, she could specify she doesn't do make out with men that have facial hair. If she's short and blonde, she'll have to dye her hair or wear a wig and tall heels. If he has a beard, he'll have to shave it all off. She's entitled to ask for a deposit to book her exclusive 'services'. She could use the deposit to go to the hair salon or purchase a wig and new shoes for her 'customer'.

8. Make it a special event. Try to book an evening in a hotel that has a restaurant and bar or at least close by. If you don't have the budget for a fancy hotel, a decent roadside motel can work just as well. If you're shy or trying this fantasy role for the first time, then stick with a neat and simple hotel where you'll both feel comfortable.

If you're on a budget then at least prepare your bedroom for the steamy end to the evening.
Invite your partner to a 'blind date' - do something you wouldn't ordinarily do. Go to a Karaoke Bar, pick a song you both love and sing it together. Hang out at the bar like you've just met. Make out like it's your first time, take a cab home or to a hotel and finish what you started.
Invite your partner to meet you at a particular stall at a theme park, chat as strangers and go on all the scary rides together, share a milkshake, bump each other at the bumper cars, make out on the Ferris wheel, take a taxi to the nearest hotel (or to 'his/her' place) and complete the evening.
You've spent countless dinner evenings talking about the same topics, now is your chance to have a little fun and leave your ordinary world behind.
The game is less about the outcome of the evening - that's almost predicable and you've experienced the final outcome hundreds of times. Explore the art seduction (seduce or allow yourself to be seduced), with verbal foreplay (sensual innuendos) , teasing (touch, visual temptation).

9. Use words to seduce your partner. Say your partner's name. Take time to explore the erotic art of talking. Throw in a bit of romance, think Pretty Woman. Make an evening of it.

Conversation and communication is just as important if not more important than the venue, outfit and activities.

10. Plan your evening's activities. Anything can happen so take a few of your favorite sex toys and accessories. If you've planned the experience together with your partner, agree on tasks (example: who books hotel where) but keep the specific details secret from one another. Surprises are sexy.

He books the hotel, she books the restaurant or chooses the bar. Or, perhaps he books the hotel and chooses the bar, then sends a text message to the 'escort agency' requesting a woman matching his partner's description to meet him at a bar.
She arrives wearing something new and daring and the game begins.

11. Keep a secret. If either of you don't know what the other has planned, the 'game' will be more exciting. Keep the venue details secret, send each other cryptic text messages. Use suggestive language, puns and quirky phrases.

This aspect involves a level of trust and respect for one another. Do not do things that you know your partner might feel uncomfortable doing. Ultimately, you're a loving couple so keep things clean and fun.
If you're both planning this for the first time, keep things simple. Don't overdo it. Pay attention to the little details and take the time to prepare a sexy treats for each other.

12. Put a bit of effort into planning. Plan it like you would plan a skiing trip (transport, hotel, clothing, sports gear) but allow some room for spontaneity. Think about the restaurant or bar, your clothes, naughty activities for the evening, toys, accessories etc.

Plan an evening of varied activities. Move across different places as each place will lend itself to a different type of activity. Start out in a very public place and gradually move towards private places. At each place, the amount of physical contact will naturally increase.

13. Make a point of going out. Role playing at home may be a bit awkward if you're not into playing games and dressing up. Going out, makes everything more tangible and exciting. If you're at a restaurant, you'll be forced to whisper your naughty talk.

14. Try something new. The end of the evening should be the beginning of a totally new experience. She gives him a lap-dance, he goes down on her, both giving each other foreplay pleasures and holding out until the very end.

15. Plan out the finale or at least explore various options. When you finally hit the sack will it be straight up missionary style or will you bring out the fireworks? Will Gina the stranger/call-girl treat John to a grinding lap dance or will she tie him and tease him.

Will John go all out to impress sexy stranger or his new lady client with his finest tongue and touch moves or will he submit to Sexy stranger's wild and kinky demands? If John is the male escort, he may need to think about some sensual massage techniques and other lady pampering treats.

16. Think of the role playing game as a sexy drama. Establish the characters, set the scene, create moments of high drama, intense action and finally reach for the climax.

17. If you're afraid you might bump into people you know, then you won't have such a hard time explaining what you're doing. You're on a hot date with your partner, no one will know what you're really doing…

18. Spice things up a little by trying different roles - Trucker meets local pool-hall hustler. He dresses like a trucker with John Deere cap and all, she dresses like a gal out to hustle some cash from unsuspecting victims - tight jeans, tight button up top, heels or boots. You meet at a pool hall down-town. The game begins. Arriving separately, she sees him playing a game of pool with some other guy. she watches... later he introduces himself and she pretends like she doesn't really know how to play. He gives her a few tips and she shows him her moves. They go to a bar for a few drinks, grab a bite to eat at a diner then head off to the nearest motel.

For the ladies, if you're trying this for the first time or you're shy, then wear something that you're comfortable in but something that's still slightly revealing.
Only go with the trashy look if you're comfortable and confidant enough to wear extremely revealing clothing. Don't go out looking like a common street corner prostitute if you're not comfortable wearing the type of clothing that those girls wear. It may get you and your partner into trouble and you will probably draw attention to each other. That aspect of the role playing game are for couples that are confident or want to explore a more intense role-playing experience.
The trashy look is more suitable for a scenario where she waits on a street corner and her partner arrives in a car and picks her up. This scenario is quite easily played out but try building up tension and anticipation by taking the game further with a few drinks in a public place and perhaps dinner before heading off to bed. Be careful where you play this game out and don't step on anyone's turf.

19. Ladies, take the day off and go to a spa for the morning. Get an all over massage, do your nails, get a bikini wax, cut your hair. Take time for yourself. If you feel great, playing the part will be a lot easier.

20. If you have children, then work it out that he looks after them for the day and takes them to the grand parents so that she can enjoy a day to herself.

Choose a call-girl name for yourself. Example: Divine Honeymore or Gina Galore. If you're a sexy stranger or hiring a male escort, give yourself a new first and last name or modify your name. Jennifer Hughes could become Jenna H.

21. Dress in layers and as the evening progresses, the layers come off - each time a little more revealing. Tease each other.

22. Ladies, your outfit should include sexy underwear for when you finally arrive at the bedroom. If you're wearing suspenders and stockings, perhaps allow your partner to catch a glimpse of your thigh during the evening. A sexy push-up bra can enhance your cleavage and keep his attention focused on you.

Do your nails in a new color, put your hair up in a new style, wear a sexy new dress.

23. Arrive at the hotel a few hours ahead of your meeting time and take the afternoon to relax and pamper yourself. Most hotels have a 2pm check-in time so make the most of it.

24. You don't want to be getting ready at home - step out of your ordinary world and enter your new fantasy world for a day. Take a bath or long hot shower, have a glass of wine, read a book and relax.

25. Prepare for your role. Make a list of things to talk about. Remember, you've never met this person before so talking about the kids, pets family etc. should not be on the agenda.

26. If you're shy, practice what you're going to say. Take time to calm your nerves if it's your first time. There's really nothing to worry about. Your partner will love it. You're not doing anything dangerous, there's really nothing to it. Even if you don't manage to pull off the role of a classy call-girl, the worst that can happen is y the two of you end up in the hotel room for an evening of sweet love-making.

27. Engage in little acts that distract your mind from your daily routines and troubles. A long hot bath, a good book (in this case, some light erotica) Print some erotic literature from

28. If your brain is still in overdrive, try breathing in and out, focusing on your breath. Replay your sexual 'greatest hits'. Home in on the silkiness of the sheets, the smoothness of your skin, or the taste of the dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries.

29. This careful attention to sensual details will assist you with relaxing and easing into your role.

30. Gentleman, dress the part. If you're planning the high-class call-girl scenario, then wear a suit and go with the hot CEO look. A guy in sneaker and trashy T-shirt wouldn't stand a chance with a 1000 dollar a-night call-girl.

31. If the guy is playing the male escort role, then dress the part. Be handsome and charming, flattering and attentive.

32. Look on-line for tips on how to treat your lady like a star. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to this.

33. There's a lot to choose from but make sure you're comfortable in what you're wearing.

34. Dressing up in sexy stockings is one of the best thing that a girl could wear to turn on her man.


Role-playing is best performed by loving couples. Know your partner's boundaries and limits. Do not do things you're not comfortable with. Don't do something to please your partner if it will cause you harm or dissatisfaction.
You should both be willing to adhere to some basic rules:
No laughing at your partner for something they say or do.
Avoid judgment. There is nothing wrong with having preferences, and you’ll never be okay with everything your partner wants to do, but you should learn to say no without putting your partner down.
Either partner can stop a scene or game at any time. Erotic role play can be intense, and it can bring up feelings that may be surprising. It’s important to remember that it’s a game, and the point is to have fun, and if either person isn’t feeling okay at any point they need to be able to stop everything and have their needs attended to.
The rules of engagement could be communicated via e-mail, social networking or text messaging during the 'on-line' dating phase.
Dress for the part and the venue.
Tips for Guys: A sexy cologne, silk boxers, a mani & pedi, male grooming. Clean, crisp underwear. Don't answer your mobile phone or take it out to check the time or text messages. Clean hands and nails. The swagger to be proud of the gal you're with. Make a decision. Give her a compliment. Show her your appreciation
Tips for Ladies: A woman with confidence in herself is sexier than anything she could buy at a store.Easy tricks of the trade:
Red lipstick that looks good with your skin tone
Forget the micro-mini. If you really want to put on a leg and booty show, try a pencil skirt.
An eye-catching LRD (little red dress) or little black dress
Pair of back-seam stockings Stockings with Garter Belts or sexy Hold-Ups. They come in so many fun varieties: with seams or without, lacy or plain, pink, red, black, white…
Legs in a pair of hold ups are fetching when paired with mile-high heels.
Don a wig of a different hairstyle or color.
Some questions to consider regarding ground rules and boundaries for erotic role play:
What kind of sex do you want to have?
Are there some things you don’t want to do in a role play, or other things you would only want to do when dressed up as someone else?
How can you let your partner know if things aren’t going okay or if you need to take a break. Work out a sign or word that you can use to check in with each other?
How far are you willing to take the role play? Are you comfortable letting it flow without a set ending, or do you want to agree beforehand on how the scene or game will finish?
Can you ask your partner for what you need?
If you're both planning a sensual role playing game together, then talk about boundaries. Be willing to compromise for the sake of the game. Example "I won't stand on a street corner but I'll wait for you at Kent's bar wearing something hot" or "I'll meet you a Miles Jazz Bar where we can dance the night away to sexy rhythm and blues.
Step out of your daily self and your ordinary world and into someone new in a fantasy world. There's plenty of time to be ordinary.
Planning and preparation are important. Take some time to plan what you're going to talk about, what you're going to wear, where you will meet. The more surprises, the more interesting the game will be.


Stockings Ideals

Post by stockings on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:09 pm

Here is a couple of role playing ideals that I find on the internet, and I think that these role playing ideals ideals are so hot. If you're in the call-girl or male escort scenario, now's the time to leave the restaurant and head up to the hotel room for desert. Tell your partner you need to go to the bathroom. Make sure you can sneak out without him/her seeing you. Sit in the lobby (or head up to the room if you've booked it) and send another text message and when your lover comes up to the room he/she will see you in real sexy stockings. Here is another great role playing ideal. Dessert is ready... On the menu, banana split 25 dollars, strawberry lap grind 50 dollars, A slice of heaven 100 dollars. If you want time to slip into something more comfortable like stockings then suggest that he or she gives you the key to his/her room together with your fee.
Lover Girl

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Birthday : 1988-05-14
Age : 30
Location : Louisiana

Stockings Fantasy

Post by Lover Girl on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:11 pm

Thanks for sharing some stockings role playing ideals that you had found on the web with me.

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Re: How to Role Play With Your Lover

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